light circle ministries

Interspiritual Ministry
For All

We are ministers for people of all faiths – including atheists – who are seeking an inclusive, non-judgmental, compassionate and unconditionally loving connection with the Divine. We celebrate God’s unconditional and eternal love for us all, and acknowledge the universal kinship we all share as eternal children of God – regardless of one’s position, deeds or words in a given lifetime on Earth. And we believe that everyone can grow in love, compassion and inner peace, through the help of divine guidance and through the light of our innermost beings.

A Statement
On The Future Of Religion

The future of religion is universal love.

Love is the source of creation and of God's relationship with us, God's eternal children. No label will be needed to define our connection to - and unity with - the Divine. We will simply be the Brothers and Sisters we truly are...
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