Missa Universalis V by Rev. Roger Davidson.

Missa Universalis number 5 By Roger Davidson
This video contains excerpts from “Missa Universalis V” a musical composition by Roger Davidson with an introductory narrative by the composer.

This special performance is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Pearl, a renowned journalist who was kidnapped and murdered by Pakistani militants in 2002.

“Missa Universalis V is the fifth in a series of what I call ‘Universal Masses,’ in which I have taken the Latin mass text and removed all references to what we know as strictly Christian dogma. What remains is a text that reaches out to all humanity and reflects the core truths that embrace all religions. And, in doing so reflects the fact that God loves us all equally and unconditionally regardless of our background or our faith and that He has infinite compassion for all of us for all Eternity, and that we are all brothers and sisters and will be so for all eternity.”

Roger Davidson

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