REVEREND ROGER DAVIDSON was born in Paris in 1952, as a dual-national citizen of France and the Unites States. Having grown up in both countries, and having traveled extensively all over the world as a student, as a tourist, and as a musician, Roger has experienced life with a multi-cultural dimension that has given him the opportunity to realize that – at its root – the world is one, that we are all essentially one family. Roger has come to know that all the conflicts in this world are the result of the misapplication of the free will God gave each of us, and he has seen that when free will is used for the good and for the enhancement of mankind, true progress happens.

The basis of Roger’s spirituality is his belief in the unconditional love of God for us all, and the fundamental brotherhood and sisterhood we all share as eternal children of God. In this spirit, he founded the Society for Universal Sacred Music in 2000 to gather composers from around the world in writing music that celebrates the universal and unconditional love of God for us all; for many years, the Society produced widely acclaimed festivals and concerts of universal sacred music, as well as recordings of such music by composers from many nations and faiths. This musical ministry will now be carried on through Roger’s work as a minister of universal spirituality. Along with his wife, Nilcelia, Roger was ordained in May of 2015 at the New Vision Interspiritual Seminary. His ministry includes universal worship services, weddings, funerals, memorial services of all kinds, baby-naming or welcome-to-the-world ceremonies, and blessings for any occasion. He is also a spiritual counselor and a certified life coach. His languages are English and French (fluently) as well as German and Portuguese.

Roger is a member of the Masonic Order, the Rosicrucian Order (A.M.O.R.C.) and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and is past President of the Foundation for TOWARD THE LIGHT.


REVEREND NILCELIA DAVIDSON was born in Brazil in 1970. A citizen of Brazil, she emigrated to the United States in 2000, and has worked primarily as an elder-care specialist, taking care of young children as well. Having grown up on a farm in Brazil with a large family, Nilcelia learned many values early in life – respect for one another, compassion, consideration for the needs of others less fortunate, and a deep love and respect for nature in all its forms. Nilcelia was raised in the Catholic Church, but became disillusioned with the judgmentalism and divisiveness she experienced there, and sought a wider spiritual path, which eventually led to her to becoming a minister of universal spirituality. Nilcelia’s greatest hope is for all humanity to realize we are one spiritual family, that we may act with compassion toward each other and be the brothers and sisters we truly are. Her ultimate religion is love itself.

Nilcelia was ordained, along with her husband Roger, at the New Vision Interspiritual Seminary in 2015. Her ministry includes spiritual counseling for the elderly, for mothers and for children – and anyone else who needs help. Nilcelia is also a certified life coach. She is available for weddings, funerals and baby-naming celebrations. Her languages are Portuguese and English.