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The Ethical Responsibility of Mankind

Ethical Responsibility

In the light of the egregious invasion of Ukraine — as well as the mistreatment of human beings throughout the world — what is the true ethical responsibility of mankind, particularly with regard to the United Nations? Is not the abuse of any single human being — or any animal, plant or tree — the universal responsibility of all? The United Nations was founded upon right principles, but with a very weak charter which — to this day — does not give the world body sufficient authority to stop nations from unfair and destructive actions against either other nations or their own citizens. Perhaps we need a new United Nations with the power — and universally respected authority — to override the unethical behavior of any nation, group or individual intent on destabilizing the peace of the world, a peace which is our inherent right as eternal children of God. Let us pray that true wisdom may prevail, and that lasting peace may be our inviolable heritage!

Reverend Roger Davidson

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