Missa Universalis number 4: Credo By Roger Davidson
Missa Universalis IV: Credo, performed by the New York Virtuoso Singers, and conducted by Harold Rosenbaum, is an extract from the larger work “Universal Sacred Music for Chorus” composed by Reverend Roger Davidson. Composed for mixed chorus with English horn, Missa Universalis IV (1992) was written as part of the Latin mass text.

I took the original Latin mass text and distilled it down to the core universal message. Without any reference to Christ as God, the Trinity, and the concept of Jesus of Nazareth having been a sacrifice for our sins (“Agnus Dei”), what’s left is the message of the unity of God; the holiness and omnipotence of God, and the glory of God. This music carries a spirit of universality, brotherhood/sisterhood and unconditional love to people of all backgrounds and faiths.

Roger Davidson

Released by Soundbrush Records August 2015. www.soundbrush.com

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