New Vision Interspiritual Seminary:
This is one of the first Interfaith Seminaries that goes beyond Interfaith work into the world of Universal Spirituality; helping to build a world in which bridges will no longer be needed as humanity will be united as one universal spiritual family.

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids:
The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids is dedicated to teaching the ancient wisdom of Druidry, taking the student through three levels of study. The emphasis is on spiritual development through deepening our inner connection to nature and to the fundamental spirituality in all creation.

The Society for Universal Sacred Music:
Founded to promote the creation and dissemination of Sacred Music that celebrates the Universal and Unconditional Love of God, the Society has produced many concerts and festivals to build bridges of the spirit among people of all faiths, knowing that we are fundamentally united as eternal children of God.

The Foundation for TOWARD THE LIGHT:
TOWARD THE LIGHT is a highly inspired book originally written in Danish and subsequently translated into many other languages. It is a universal message of love, compassion and truth to all mankind.  This website describes the book and its meaning with great clarity, and contains a link to the full text as well as information on how to purchase copies of the book and its supplements.

Wisdom Circle Ministries:
WISDOM CIRCLE MINISTRIES is a network of interfaith and interspiritual ministries, serving a global community of spiritual leaders teaching universal spirituality.